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Aleka Sheppard ranked the most empowering woman in the maritime industry in 2019


The London Shipping Law Centre is delighted to announce that Dr Aleka Mandaraka Sheppard, its Founder and Chairman, has been ranked, at the top of the 100 list of remarkable women who have substantially contributed to the international maritime industry over the years. The list of the winners was put together by the online publication, All About Shipping (‘AAS’), which carried out the survey in 2019 on an international level.

In January 2020, an AAS team collected and collated information obtained from informal interviews, notes and other material to produce a “fair and just” survey of the industry’s leading women practitioners. The task had been “very difficult” but the rankings revealed “the real qualities” which each woman nominated had brought to bear on the industry.

All About Shipping adjusted its annual top people survey in line with the International Maritime Organisation’s ‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’ theme for its 2019 World Maritime Day. The publication’s website declared: “Honouring our Seawise women was a MUST.”

At the LSLC’s 25th anniversary dinner in November, Dr. Sheppard said “the Centre had been founded to create something that would promote the interests of the industry by breaking down barriers of communication and bringing the sectors together. Since then, the Centre has provided an unrivalled ‘knowledge hub’ for informing, explaining and debating across an outstanding spectrum of maritime, legal and commercial subjects.”

For further details about this survey please click the link below.